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panjyodai [userpic]


April 27th, 2009 (02:04 pm)

current location: in front of my pc
current mood: peaceful
current song: 恋のABO

Finally got to see Toma kun on Doumoto Kyodai.
Thank you very much, usami chan.
Similar to the SCP, got mixed emotions while seeing Toma on screen talking to his sempais.
Probably not the converstations, but the chance to see him singing on screen
Had liked this boy since he was backing for the Doumotos
always thought that he would have to chance to debut with some of his companions
He has moderate voice, excellent dance skills and seems like a good entertainer
But well, he's doing well on TV
on the other hand, I do wonder if he's really happy.
Perhaps it's not a matter of happiness, but more of satisfaction.
This boy (I still see him as a boy...) seems to love the stage a lot.
Acting on TV and performing on stage is probably different,
Hopefully, he'll gradually get more chance to do what he really enjoys.
Good luck~

Koi no ABO is an addictive song~