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panjyodai [userpic]

yabu-hika and kinki kids

March 4th, 2009 (05:01 pm)

the more i look at the younger pair
the more i find the resemblance between them and the kinki duo

yabu's image is closer to mr kochan
the prince-like (or some will say king-like) aura on stage
piercing eyes
dance movements exerting strength
and oh, not to forget

hikaru's image seems to be closer to mr tsuyo
the clowning around (tsuyoshi used to clown around a lot  for stage effects)
the passion for guitars and music
passionate about their hometowns
huge eyes
strength in acting skills taken on film
but hikaru has to brush up on his vocals in order to catch up

is that a tactic taken by the company?
or is it pure coincidence?
it is alright to be similar
but it'll be great if the younger duo can carve out their own image
afterall, they are still very young